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Canada’s Local Gardener Magazine


Canada’s Local Gardener gives you information about growing flowers, vegetables, tropical plants and trees. And with a print + digital subscription to our magazine, you get unlimited access to your local content online and in Digital format. We focus on gardens and gardeners just like you. We look at trends in growing from around the world and study nature just outside the city limits.

Canada’s Local Gardener features four issues per year: three regular issues and one special annual called Beautiful Gardens. The regular issues come in glorious colour print with a code inside that you can use to access further content online.

The Beautiful Gardens special annual is printed in winter, when you are dreaming about what you’ll do in the coming months. Packed with lush gardens, you can take inspiration from other gardeners to fuel your passions.

Also available in digital: With our digital subscription, you can read all the material on your smart phone, laptop or tablet anywhere you are. 

Or get the best of both worlds with a 1-year print + digital magazine subscription. The choice is yours.